Futility of Borders

Borders are futile! So, let’s just allow these people escape dire poverty and war. I mean, look at the desperation. And while we’re at it, can we please just let everybody move where they wanna move? Ohh, they’ll take advantage of the system, you say? They’ll overwhelm it? First, exactly the opposite is true. But even if immigrants did overwhelm the system, the answer is to reform the system. The welfare state is bad on principle, not just when immigrants use it.


In a world without borders, welfare states would probably grow substantially once world GDP doubled. I don’t think politicians could resist doing something with all that wealth. Actually, we know that.

It’s at least somewhat consoling that the Republican Party has a history of reasonable positions on immigration as you can see herehere, and here. It’s one of few areas where politicians are better than voters consistently, unless we’re talking about Bernie Sanders who dismisses open borders as a “Koch Brothers proposal.” It certainly is.

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