She Ain’t for Peace

I wonder, do you really take this seriously,
The process, its consequences, we drink the tonic,
These fools, these liars, I mean really?
I thought millennials were ironic.

We hate Donald, yet She has more blood on her hands,
“But do you want Trump to win?” they cry out,
Puerile, truth is that she caused dead Libyans,
Syria is fucked, what’s that all about?

Ask yourself, “When did She ever secure more peace?”
Do developments in Myanmar count?
Buddies with war-profiteers, I’d say their mouthpiece,
“Smart power at its best” by her account.

Ahh, but at least she’ll bring us progressive reforms,
Domestic policy unabated,
Halt the unregulated capitalist storm,
Your economic ignorance celebrated.

You don’t know your shit, so quit screaming so loudly,
Blinded and deluded by your bias,
It’s so clear to me, but you keep shouting proudly,
That She’s next up ought to horrify us.

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